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A few benefits of trusting our products

Automated Fuel Station Inventory management using RFID technology, Monitor complete fuel volume usage and track inventory and sales

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    Improve revenue generation by eliminating inefficiencies and discrepancies
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    Track sales and access transaction reports and analytics
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    Reliable and seamless integration with existing fuel station setups
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    Transaction data is highly secured end-to-end and without human interference from start of fueling to finish
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Our Features

The Value Offered

Real-time Monitoring

Realtime fuel dispenser monitoring online via PC or Mobile, Generate fueling report of all fuel dispenser and underground tanks

Transaction Reports & Analytics

Easy access to reports and analytics of all monitored assets and volumes dispensed over any designated period and at the click of a button

Tank Level Monitoring

Remotely monitor under-ground fuel station tanks levels and track asset usage, visual real-time volume reading

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We at Fuel Intellisense have taken a modular approach to our product development to ensure reliability and flexibility in the selection your features of choice. As a result, the product is offered as 4 different packages

Data Monitoring and Logging

This only logs the data of transactions going on in the filling station and the level of fuel left in the underground tank directly to the cloud, and the data can be accessed on the web app

Data Logging & On site Screen

This has all the features of Data Monitoring and Logging as well as an on site device screen for monitoring real-time transaction activities

Monitoring, Logging & Authentication

This is the complete package. It has all the features of Data Monitoring and Logging and Data Logging & On site Screen with an RFID nozzle reader for reading the RFID tags on vehicles, trucks and assets.

Tank Loading and Offload IoT Monitoring

This monitors the loading and offloading of trucks with petroleum products both at the depot and at the fuel station to be able to curb fuel theft.

Basic App Features

Thanks to our application, you have access to your transaction data from anywhere around the world, including a number of features that helps increased revenue generation and makes sales tracking a breeze

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